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usually when my huz gets home from work he “takes over” baby duty for a little while to give me a break…we’re most often still all together, but he’s the one primarily tending to her needs in those instances.  (after a short rest, we go back to tag-teamin’ it.)

today was no exception.  he came home from work to find us sitting on the front porch.  when he came out to join us, i handed our little sweetie over to her papa while we chatted.  at some point, she let us know it was time for a little pre-bedtime snooze…which is when i let my huz know i thought it would be nice if he took a turn putting her down.

he obliged me, no problem…and after 20 mins went by without him emerging from the bedroom, i went up to inspect the situation…actually, i was working myself up to have a talk with him about how we aren’t rocking her to sleep anymore–i just knew that’s what was taking him so long!

i opened the door to find that my huz had fallen asleep in bed beside the bassinette for a little pre-bedtime nap, too.  so sweet…the two of them drifting off to dreamland together.

i really am going to miss having her in our room!  i feel so torn, but i know when the time is right for the three of us, it will be okay…and even a good thing.

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