well, well, well….we passed a couple major milestones this weekend.

first, just when we’d given up on having the crib we loved (b/c we couldn’t justify the expense at the moment), my huz’s entire office–multiple departments–came together to give us a huge surprise………all the cash we needed to buy the crib we’d been hoping for!  so, while my in-laws disappointed us when they sent a board game, we were more than elated to receive such a generous gift from an unexpected source.  as i was leaving his office after the party, my huz grabbed me for a hug and said, “sweetie, life is full of surprises!”  yes it is.

perhaps the biggest surprise is that we put the crib together on friday night without any arguing or frustration!  i thought it was going to be a struggle and i was actually afraid to start putting it together…especially since our last few weekends have been a struggle for us and i just wanted to be able to enjoy our weekend…but i reluctantly agreed to try assembling it when my huz suggested we spend our evening in that way.  it turned out to be fun and exciting……and, naturally, our cats had to try out the new digs.  since then we’ve kept the door closed so they can’t get in there and make her crib their new home. 🙂

and finally, my huz wanted to install the car seat into his car yesterday and practice using it.  so, we got out the directions and got into the car.  i was a bit more snotty in this activity than either of us would have hoped, but in the end we managed to have a fun time. 

so, here we are…readying ourselves for this major life transition into parenthood.  we have a few more details to iron out, but overall we are ready for the big day to come at any point (after i’m considered full term this weds, that is).  my body has been practicing with contractions here and there, which always gives me the oportunity to practice my hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques.  each time a feel a contraction come on i thank my body for practicing and for knowing how to birth this baby…practice, practice, practice body!

next on the agenda—we need to finish our phone/email tree list and pack our bag for the birth center…we’ve already got the baby’s bag packed and ready to go!   have i mentioned we’re excited?!